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University of Oregon

Dan Udovic

Research Interests

An important area of research in evolutionary ecology is to decipher the detailed manner in which interacting populations influence each other’s fitness (and consequently their evolutionary trajectories). My work focuses on plant-pollinator mutualisms (interactions in which individuals in both populations potentially benefit), and multiple-species interactions in which some of the pair-wise interactions are mutualistic.

Selected Publications

Udovic, D. 1986. Floral predation of Yucca whipplei (Agavaceae) by the sap beetle, Anthoneus agavensis (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae). Pan-Pacific Entomol. 62: 55–57.

Udovic, D. and Hennesy, G. 1995. Using Demography 2.0 to model population dynamics. BioQUEST Notes 5(3): 1, 4-8.

Udovic, D., Morris, D., Dickman, A., Postlethwait, J and Wetherwax, P. 1996. The Workshop Biology Curriculum Handbook. (distributed by the Workshop Biology Program, Department of Biology, University of Oregon)

Udovic, D. 1998. Confronting student misconceptions in a large class. National Institute for Science Education Collaborative Learning Web Site (

Udovic, D., Morris, D., Dickman, A., Postlethwait, J and Wetherwax, P. 2002. Workshop Biology: Demonstrating the effectiveness of active learning in a non-majors biology course. BioScience 52:272-281

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