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University of Oregon

Barbara (Bitty) Roy

Research Interests

Influence of abiotic factors, such as climate change and fire, on plant pests; Frequency-dependent selection, including the Red Queen Hypothesis; Influence of pathogens on community structure; Evolution of resistance and tolerance to disease.

Selected Publications

Siemens, D. H. and B. A. Roy. 2005.Tests for parasite-mediated frequency-dependent selection in natural populations of an asexual plant species. Evolutionary Ecology 19 321-338.

Roy, B. A. 2004. Rounding up the costs and benefits of herbicides. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 101 (39): 13974-13975

Roy, B.A., S. Güsewell, and J. Harte. 2004. Response of plant pathogens and herbivores to a warming experiment. Ecology 85 (9): 2570-2581.

Stanton, M. L., D. A. Thiede, and B. A. Roy. 2004. Consequences of intraspecific competition and environmental variation for selection in the mustard Sinapis arvensis: Contrasting ecological and evolutionary perspectives. American Naturalist 164 (6): 736-752

Schürch, S., and B. A. Roy. 2004.* Comparing single- versus mixed-genotype infection of Mycosphaerella graminicola on wheat: effects on pathogen virulence and host tolerance. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 18: 1-14.

Joshi, J. S.J. Otway, J. Koricheva, A.B. Pfisterer, J. Alphei, B.A. Roy, M. Scherer-Lorenzen, B. Schmid, E. Spehn, and A. Hector. 2004. Bottom-up effects and feed-backs in simple and diverse experimental grassland communities. Pages 115-134 In “Insects and Ecosystem function W. W Weisser and E. Siemann, editors, Springer Verlag


Bi131 Introduction to Evolution (non-majors, fills general science requirement)

Bi410/510 Evolution of Infectious Disease

Bi442/542 Systematic Botany