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University of Oregon

The University of Oregon president, Michael R. Gottfredson was in Salem this week reinforcing the importance of funding valuable university research.

Research professors at the university say the field has received less and less funding over the years. While they understand the budget strain everyone’s under, they hope the president’s testimony could at least help keep the status quo.

President Michael Gottfredson says it’s important for legislators to be reminded of what these universities provide for not only the students but the community as a whole.

Last year, in terms of non-resident tuition and the research grants and contracts generated by faculty, half a billion dollars were spent in the Eugene area alone.

“Thinking about the research university broadly, what this university does and all great other universities do, has a mission to provide the highest educational opportunities to the citizens of the state and broad access to great educational opportunities,” Gottfredson said.

Gottfredson says the investment in these institutions is truly an investment in everyone’s future.

Professors and students hope that legislators will recognize the impact these basic programs have on advancement of our society and that they continue to support the work being done.

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