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University of Oregon

Michelle Wood

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Research Interests

The oceans remain one of the least explored frontiers of our region of the solar system; more is known about the surface of the moon and of Mars than is known about the watery landscape that covers 71% of our planet. My research uses tools from genetics, cell biology, oceanography, and remote sensing to explore connections between microorganisms in the sea and the physical processes that determine their abundance, distribution and productivity. Unlike many ecologists, who tend to view the properties of the organisms they study as relatively static, my research is guided by an evolutionary perspective within which we recognize that both evolutionary history and evolutionary potential lead to dynamic ecological patterns.

Selected Publications

Dooittle, D.F, W.K.W. Li, and A.M. Wood. 2008. Wintertime abundance of picoplankton in the Antarctic sector of the Southern Ocean. Nova Hedwigia. 133:147-60.

Everroad, C., C. Six, F. Partensky, J.-T. Thomas, J. Holzendorff, and A. M. Wood. 2006. Biochemical Bases of Type IV Chromatic Adaptation in Marine Synechococcus spp. J.; Bacteriology, 188:3345-56.

Miller, S. R., S. Augustine, T. L. Olson, R. E. Blankenship, J. Selker, A. M. Wood, 2005, Discovery of a free-living chlorophyll d-producing cyanobacterium with a hybrid proteobacterial/cyanobacterial small-subunit rRNA gene. PNAS 102 (3): 850-855.

Arnone, R. A., A. M. Wood, R. W. Gould, Jr., 2004, The Evolution of Optical Water Mass Classification. Oceanography 17 (2): 14-15.

Coble, P., C. Hu, R. W. Gould, Jr., G. Chang, A. M. Wood, 2004, Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in the Coastal Ocean: An Optical Tool for Coastal Zone Environmental Assessment and Management. Oceanography 17 (2): 50-59.

Wingard, L, S. R. Miller, J. M. L. Sellker, E. Stenn, M. M. Allen, A. M. Wood, 2002, Cyanophycin-Production in a Phycoerythrin-containing Marine Synechococcus. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 68(4). Additional Phylogenetic Information for Synechococcus Strain G2.1