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University of Oregon

The Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IE²) facilitates research and graduate education in ecology and evolutionary biology. The institute fosters a collegial and stimulating intellectual environment for world-class research in molecular evolution, evolutionary genetics, evolution of development, and microbial, population, community, and ecosystems ecology.

IE² maintains close ties to the UO Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, and Landscape Architecture, as well as the Institutes for Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, and Marine Biology.Together, IE²’s students and faculty are working in the laboratory and the field to address fundamental and applied questions about the organization and history of life on earth.

In IE² News

Graduate Rotation Talks 12/10 & 12/11 331 Klamath

Graduate Rotation Talks 331 Klamath Hall Wednesday, 10 December 2014     1:00 PM Connor Balzar, BIO/CHEM Harms 1:15 Jesse Wilson, BIO/CHEM Nolen 1:30 Jana Jenquin, BIO/CHEM Berglund 1:45 Emily Sutton, IMB Selker BREAK 2:15 Aleesa Schlientz, IMB Bowerman 2:30 Keyyana Blount, IEE Bridgham 2 ... Read More

‘Antifreeze’ in Antarctic fishes keeps internal ice from melting

Fish that adapted to survive and thrive in icy cold Antarctic waters by developing antifreeze proteins are swimming in an evolutionary paradox, says a University of Oregon researcher. These life-saving proteins in Antarctic notothenioid [pronounced “NO-toe-thin-ee-oid”] fishes also ... Read More

Biology and Agriculture using friendly microbes

At the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, researchers have long been on the cutting edge of microbiome research.  Daniel Thomas, a PhD student in the Roy Lab at IE2, is taking his studies on the plant microbiome out of the lab and into a remote Andean Valley in South America, where he hopes to ... Read More