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University of Oregon

John Conery

Research Interests

I have been a faculty member in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Oregon since 1983. In the last 15 years my students and I have worked with several different colleagues from IE², the Institute of Neuroscience, and the Institute of Molecular Biology on a variety of projects related to bioinformatics and computational biology. As a computer scientist, my work has been in parallel programming languages and high performance computing. Bioinformatics, and computational biology in general, are a great source of challenging problems that will continue to tax available computing resources for years to come. I am looking forward to working with graduate students and postdocs in both computer science and biology to develop new algorithms and new applications to help advance the research being done in IE².

Selected Publications

Catchen, J. M., Conery, J. S., and Postlethwait, J. H. (2009). Automated identification of conserved synteny after whole-genome duplication. Genome Res, 19(8):1497–1505.

Conery, J. S. (2007). Aligning sequences by minimum description length. EURASIP Journal on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. doi:10.1155/2007/72936.

Dunn, N. A., Conery, J. S., and Lockery, S. R. (2007). Circuit motifs for spatial orientation behaviors identified by neural network optimization. J Neurophysiol, 98(2):888–897.

Conery, J., Catchen, J., and Lynch, M. (2005). Rule-based workflow management for bioinformatics. VLDB Journal, 14(3):318–329.

Lynch, M. and Conery, J. S. (2003). The origins of genome complexity. Science, 302(5649):1401–4. Lynch, M. and Conery, J. S. (2000). The evolutionary fate and consequences of duplicate genes. Science, 290(5494):1151–5.


CIS 170: The Science of Computing

CIS 454/554: Bioinformatics

CIS 455/555: Computational Science