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February 12, 2015

Graduate Rotation Talks 3/16 and 3/19, 331 Klamath

Graduate Rotation Talks
331 Klamath Hall
Monday, 16 March 2015

1:00 PM Precious deVerteuil, IEE Guillemin
1:15 Luis Sullivan, ION Wehr
1:30 Nicholas Ponvert, ION Kentros
1:45 Angie Michaiel, ION Niell
2:15 Emily Sales, ION Doe
2:30 Brandon Mark, ION Doe
2:45 Teresa Findley, ION Lockery
3:00 Sarah Stednitz, ION Washbourne

331 Klamath Hall
Thursday, 19 March 2015
1:00 PM Katja Kasimatis, IEE Cresko
1:15 Maria Banuelos, IMB Bohannan
1:30 Aleesa Schlientz, IMB Guillemin
1:45 Emily Sutton, IMB Guillemin
2:15 Connor Balzer, BIOCHEM Herman
2:30 Jana Jenquin, BIOCHEM Herman
2:45 Joseph Harman, BIOCHEM Nolen
3:00 Jessie Wilson, BIOCHEM Prell
3:15 Ryan Holly, BIOCHEM Prehoda

November 14, 2014

Graduate Rotation Talks 12/10 & 12/11 331 Klamath

Graduate Rotation Talks

331 Klamath Hall

Wednesday, 10 December 2014



1:00 PM Connor Balzar, BIO/CHEM Harms
1:15 Jesse Wilson, BIO/CHEM Nolen
1:30 Jana Jenquin, BIO/CHEM Berglund
1:45 Emily Sutton, IMB Selker
2:15 Aleesa Schlientz, IMB Bowerman
2:30 Keyyana Blount, IEE Bridgham
2:45 Precious deVerteuil, IEE Phillips
3:00 Katja Kasimatis, IEE Phillips






Graduate Rotation Talks

331 Klamath Hall

Thursday, 11 December 2014





1:00 PM Maria Banuelos, IMB Guillemin
1:15 Teresa Findley, ION Guillemin
1:30 Emily Sales, ION Herman
1:45 Sarah Stednitz, ION Takahashi
2:15 Luis Sullivan, ION Lockery
2:30 Nicholas Ponvert, ION Wehr
2:45 Angie Michaiel, ION Jaramillo
3:00 Brandon Mark, ION Washbourne


September 24, 2014

‘Antifreeze’ in Antarctic fishes keeps internal ice from melting

Fish that adapted to survive and thrive in icy cold Antarctic waters by developing antifreeze proteins are swimming in an evolutionary paradox, says a University of Oregon researcher.

These life-saving proteins in Antarctic notothenioid [pronounced “NO-toe-thin-ee-oid”] fishes also prevent ice crystals inside the fishes from melting in warmer summer waters, reports Paul Cziko [“SEE-ko”], a doctoral student in the UO Institute of Ecology and Evolution. He is the lead author on a paper in this week’s online Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  Full story

NY Times article and video here:

June 20, 2014

Biology and Agriculture using friendly microbes

At the Institute of Ecology and Evolution, researchers have long been on the cutting edge of microbiome research.  Daniel Thomas, a PhD student in the Roy Lab at IE2, is taking his studies on the plant microbiome out of the lab and into a remote Andean Valley in South America, where he hopes to help in the battle against the coffee rust and other plant diseases.


In the Intag Valley, coffee farmers in the cooperative Asociación Agroartesanal de Cafecultores Río Intag (AACRI) are interested in harnessing plant “probiotics” in the struggle against the coffee rust and other agricultural pathogens. They have started a basic production facility, where they culture target species of bacteria and fungi from the soil of their region, to apply to their coffee plants and other crops. AACRI recently asked the members of the Roy Lab to help them to quantitatively test the benefits of their microbes, and verify their identifications.  This summer Daniel Thomas is going to travel to the Intag Valley to help the coffee growers of the region with their unique project in sustainable, affordable pest control using beneficial, locally-cultured fungi and bacteria.


More information is available at, a fundraising site for the project:



June 9, 2014

Graduate Rotation Talks: 6/6/14

Graduate Rotation Talks

331 Klamath Hall

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

10:00 AM Andrea Loes Harms
10:15 Jarrett Lebov Harms
10:30 James McDermott Nolan
10:45 Sunny Ketchum Berglund
11:15 Kimberly Jones Prehoda
11:30 William Storck Selker
11:45 Gabriel Yette Stankunas
1:30 PM Keats Conley Sutherland
1:45 Alexander Weimer Phillips
2:00 Heather Archer Phillips
2:30 Anya Hopple Bohannan
2:45 Robert Steury Bohannan


April 28, 2014

GrEBES “Astrobiology: Life at the Limits” Spring Seminar Series


The Astrobiology: Life at the Limits Spring Seminar Series is a free and public event that brings in three distinguished speakers to the University of Oregon to give a public talk about Astrobiology, a general science topic of interest to our Eugene community. This three-part series will be kicked off on April 30th by Dr. Lynn Rothschild (NASA Ames researcher and professor at Stanford and Brown Universities) who will be giving a talk titled “Extremophiles and the search for life in the universe”.  The second talk in the series will be given on May 7th by Dr. Christopher McKay (NASA Ames planetary scientist) titled “The search for life on other plants, with an update from the Mars Curiosity Rover”. Dr. Margaret Turnbull (astrobiologist and professor) will give the final talk in our series on May 28th titled “Nearby Exoplanets: Will there ever be another Earth?”.  This event is proudly hosted by GrEBES (Graduate Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Students), an ASUO-supported student organization.

The lectures are all in 282 Lillis Hall from 7 pm to 8 pm (April 30th, May 7th, & May 28th).


Joe Thornton chosen for 2014 Guggenheim fellowship

University of Oregon biologist Joe Thornton, who splits his academic time with a faculty position at the University of Chicago, is among 178 scholars, artists and scientists named as winners of 2014 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowships.

Guggenheim Fellows are chosen based on their prior achievement and exceptional promise.

Full story. (more…)

April 25, 2014

Spring Term Dissertation Defenses – May 28

Save the date -Wednesday, May 28th!

Three IE² candidates are scheduled to defend on Wednesday, May 28th:

Kristin Sikkink – 9AM

Tobias Policha – 2PM

Alida Gerritsen – 3:30PM


February 25, 2014

Proposal Exam Dates

Andrew Nishida –  Tuesday, 2/25  9AM  327 Pacific

Rudy Borowczak –  Thursday, 2/27  8AM  327 Pacific

Dan Thomas –Tuesday,  3/4  9AM  327 Pacific

Felipe Campos-Cerda -Monday, 3/10  1PM  217 LISB

Kyle Meyer – Friday, 3/14  1PM  317 Huestis

Christine O’Connor – Monday, 3/17  8AM 327 Pacific

Allison Fuiten – Monday, 3/17  2PM  317 Huestis

February 17, 2014

Winter term rotation talks – Wednesday, March 19 – 331 Klamath

Graduate Rotation Talks

331 Klamath Hall

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

1:00 Andrea Loes DeRose
1:15 Jarrett Lebov Prehoda
1:30 James McDermott Prehoda
1:45 William Storck Stankunas
2:00 Kimberly Jones Stankunas
2:30 Sunny Ketchum Harms
2:45 Kevin McNaught Harms
3:00 Sean Naughton Pluth
3:15 Gabriel Yette Doe
3:30 Keats Conley Sutherland
4:00 Anya Hopple Roy
4:15 Abigail Duffy Bridgham
4:30 Robert Steury Guillemin
4:45 Alexander Weimer Cresko
5:00 Heather Archer Cresko


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